What We Learned in 2016

Posted by Huibert Fousert on

*That there are some amazing businesses in the world doing good and they are worth supporting.

Here is what we, Kairos Traders, learned in 2016:

*That Freedom Businesses (those engaged in the issue of human trafficking) are a small percentage of social enterprises.

*That scarves sell.

*That there are consumers who want their purchase to support a good cause and that they don't know where to start in making that purchase.

*To weigh down your display if you are outdoors and its windy :)

*That earrings sell.

*That you never know what event, or connection, will make the difference for your work.

*Relationships and connections only come when you are out working and sharing your story.

*Everything takes longer than you think it will.

*You can accomplish a lot more with the help of others.

*Just because something is a good idea doesn't mean it is the best use of our time.

*We have a lot more to learn.

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