Top-Selling Fair Trade Products of 2016

Posted by Huibert Fousert on

Our 2016 took us to many places to share about the businesses we're partnered with; their stories, why they exist, and what they produce. What I love is that each product we sell helps support a business that empowers and brings dignity. In some cases these products help prevent exploitation through job creation. Here are some of our most popular products.

Kalpana Scarves made by Purnaa

These beautiful scarves are made from up-cycled silk saris. They come in super unique patterns (rarely do we have more than one scarf of the same print) and are incredibly soft. $20

Manab Caps made by Purnaa

These reversible caps are ultra soft and light weight. Each of them came with an inspirational quote printed on them. Color options; black, navy blue, and grey. $15

Lokta Journals from Five14

These fun journals are made with traditional Nepali paper, which is made from lokta bushes. Their soft touch and light weight make them really unique. $10

Earrings made by Village Artisan

Very cool and unique earrings made by Village Artisan in Northern India. We carried a lot of varieties and had a really good response to them. $12

Bracelets made by Threads of Hope

These bracelets are colorful and unique. $2

Thanks for dropping in! We hope to sell many more of these products, and more, in 2017!

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