Sak Saum

“The battle against human trafficking will be won: one person, one family, one community at a time.” Sak Saum is a ministry dedicated to the prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation of vulnerable and exploited men, women, and children by working to skill train and create jobs for vulnerable in the district of Saang in Cambodia. The name Sak Saum means to restore to original condition, to remake as new, filled with dignity, value, and beauty. By living out their name for over 15 years, Sak Saum’s ministry has worked to prevent, rescue, restore, rehabilitate, and transform the vulnerable and exploited people in Cambodia. By starting with one mom, one sewing machine, and one precious baby, Sak Saum has created a nurturing, empowering, restorative program that has healed hundreds of lives. Sak Saum is more than just a bag, wallet, or scarf; it is about a changed life with one mission: seeing people set free and empowered for their future.

Every item you buy from Sak Saum is a tangible piece of someone's restoration and tells the deeper story of their freedom. Check out their products here

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