Joyn is committed to bringing hand-to-market goods with transparent pricing and ethical practices. They believe in products that empower the cultures they come from.
The founder of Joyn has worked to create jobs for marginalized communities in Asian countries for nearly 14 years. Joyn partners with locally owned and managed cooperatives to keep manufacturing at a community level and encourage local leadership and personal development with marginalized and trafficked victims. With industrialization and the entrance of GMO’s to India’s cotton industry, there has been much loss and struggle for traditional local farmers, cotton spinners and weavers.
However, Joyn’s cotton fabric is hand picked, hand carded, hand processed, hand spun and hand woven on looms. It is then prepared for the block printing that brings our fabric to life.

Their farmers and artisans take great pride in their work, the fiber, and the rich history surrounding this magical plant.

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