Interviews With Freedom Business Volunteers

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In April of 2017, a small group of people meandered down the bustling sidewalks of Katmandu. Little did they know that what they were about to experience would change their lives forever. This team would be touring and helping our partners in Nepal.


The team went on a tour of Purnaa. They got to hear the company’s heart, and meet first hand some of the women who worked there.

“I got the opportunity to visit Purnaa on a trip to Nepal. It was inspiring. Knowing all the women who used to be exploited having steady jobs is amazing. And all from this one small company. I was never into business as a kid, or adult, but Purnaa made me want to drop everything and start one. The obstacles, of which are many, really don’t compare to the payoff of really saving people’s lives. I admire the managements perseverance and tenacity to keep moving forward despite everything coming against them. Against all oddsthey created an amazing company and the impact is felt.” - Austin B.

Beauty for Ashes

For a week the team also partnered with Beauty for Ashes, and helped them with their inventory.

“Seeing Beauty for Ashes first hand, I saw the true transformation and love they [Beauty for Ashes] have for their workers. It's almost like a big family. The ladies that work there have so much joy and do amazing work. Having the opportunity to partner with them and seeing this business, I came to the realization that Beauty for Ashes does impact and transform peoples lives that otherwise would not be. It did something to my heart that was truly unexplainable.” - Caleb N.


The group went on a trek with Five14. Here are their stories.

“My favorite part of working with Five14 was seeing the transformation that has taken place in the lives of so many Nepali people. Hearing stories of their background and families and then getting to see how they've been given a second chance, a fresh start and so many opportunities through Five14 and the jobs they've provided. The people of Five14 truly left a mark on my life. It was amazing to see how business can transform the lives of so many individuals and families. It was amazing to get the opportunity to work with such an amazing company that does so much good for those in Nepal. If you're looking for socially conscious travel and want to give back as you enjoy a once in a lifetime adventure, Five14 is the perfect company!” - Maddie G.

"I had a great experience with them. I was led by their team of experienced tour guides twice on a trek. I also stayed in their bed and breakfast. They have a quality cafe with delicious coffee and food. My favorite part of Five14 was their comfortable beds and professionally run bed and breakfast. Something that left a mark on me was their ability to go above and beyond to serve their guests. Their customer service is top notch. Something I would like to tell people about Five14 is that you will leave with a memorable experience of Nepal. They will make sure you experience all of the amazing things Nepal has to offer. They helped provide me with tours and tried to do everything they can to make my travel one to remember." -Jordan L.

written by Josh Phillips

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