Where Can I Find Fair Trade Products?

Posted by Huibert Fousert on

Earlier we answered the question "Where can I find ethically made t-shirts?". Today the question we want to address is "Where can I find fair trade products?"

If you're asking this question you are like us. We want quality products, but we aren't comfortable with the fact that many products today are made in exploitive conditions. You, like us, are wanting to be ethical consumers.

The problem is that it isn't easy to find these brands! And when you do how do you compare them to others out there to make sure you're finding the right item for yourself or gift for a loved one?

We want to help solve that problem with our online store that is launching soon. It will be a place for us to gather our favorite brands and our favorite products that they make. Each business we support is actively fighting human trafficking, exploitation, and/or marginalization. I love that we aren't just selling products, but we are also selling purpose.

What products would you like to find a fair trade alternative for? What can we do to help you in your ethical consumer journey? Leave us a comment and we would love to assist you!

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