What's a Freedom Business?

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In its most basic terms, a freedom business is a business with a focus on hiring people who are at risk for exploitation or those that have survived exploitation. Although this terminology might limit the intention as well. While a regular business focuses on profit, a freedom business keeps three bottom lines in mind--profit, planet, and people.

Freedom businesses can also be interchangeable with Social Enterprises. Again, the idea of removing profit as the linchpin for success and widening the terms of accomplishment. This turn to business to make a difference for people and planet really erupted for two reasons; consumer buying power and the blossoming theory of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Consumer buying power has been a huge facilitator towards CSR. Businesses with a traditional profit-based bottom line follow the money. If consumers are purchasing because the business is taking steps to ensure labor forces are well provided for, that pollution is reduced, and that products are sourced in renewable fashions then businesses will make efforts towards those goals.

A business that takes CSR seriously is not always a freedom business, but a freedom business always practices CSR. Both are good and powerful practices towards making a difference in this world. Use your voice and buying power to hold businesses accountable.

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by Natasha Komen

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