Birthday Wishes & Making a Difference

Posted by Huibert Fousert on

"Happy Birthday to you..." Being a kid with a birthday was the best. We have a stack of presents, friends and family, and a cake. At some point during our birthday party the candles on the cake would be lit and everyone would join in to sing us happy birthday. As the cake was put in front of us and the singing would end, if you were like me, you would make a wish before blowing out your candles. I can remember multiple times where I made the same birthday wish "to be a superhero". (Naturally, this is why I can now fly.)

Even as a kid I wanted to make a difference. I don't think I'm alone in carrying that desire. I would bet for the vast majority of us, we want to impact this world for good. To leave a mark. To know that our life mattered.

I love the businesses we've been able to partner with. I love the hope they bring. And I love the opportunity they give for us to stand on the side of justice and compassion.

Take this opportunity to support these businesses as they stand with the marginalized and work towards a better future. Check out the bottom of our website for a list of some of the businesses we work with.

written by Matt Peterson

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