Fair Trade Coffee - Medium and Dark Roast (Whole Bean)

  • $11.99

Yindee coffee is your cup of gladness. All of their coffee comes from the mountains of northern Thailand, grown by the Lahu tribe. 
The Lahu tribe are an ethnic minority of northern Thailand. Often they end up being exploited for labor, sex trafficking or smuggling drugs. 

Each batch is grown in a natural environment, hand picked at the peak of freshness, and roasted in small batches to ensure optimum quality and taste. Grown in the same ground as the Chinese plum, their rich organic blend is infused with its sweet, tangy flavors.

Yindee Coffee Roasters is family owned, driven by the desire to fuel community and kindness. Our coffee brings friends and family together with happiness. It is the perfect centerpiece for any gathering.
8.5 oz per bag.

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